We went ‘Up North’ today! Okay, not that far North. We got as far North as Polzeath which is where we ended our day, in the car park on the beach (which is actually just a bit of the beach you can park on as long as the tide is out). We picked up fish and chips in Rock and ate them in the car at Polzeath, the kids on their flip up tray tables in the back, Claire and I in the front, watching the surfers come and go. There was a good little wave in the bay and a few people were getting some good rides.

An enthusiastic team of Hi-Vis volunteers met us, parked us and took a tenner for the cashbox (which one hopes is saving a squirrel somewhere as I write).

Earlier, and on the way we’d been to Trewornan Manor which is a B&B by the River Amble near St Minver. They’d generously opened their doors and their 25 acres of land to raise funds for the Cornwall Wildlife Trust. An enthusiastic team of Hi-Vis volunteers met us, parked us and took a tenner for the cashbox (which one hopes is saving a squirrel somewhere as I write). We were then free to wander the grounds and have a thoroughly good nose around the outside of a fine manor house dating from the thirteenth century. Katie enjoyed hugging some trees (genuinely her latest interest – it would be great to be four again). Inside were the obligatory cream teas with a smorgasbord of homemade cakes. Regular readers of this blog will know that I seem to end up in places with cake on most weekends! Needless to say, I took one for the team and volunteered to test out the scones.


Done right according to the Cornish law of jam first these hit the spot! We then had a wander around and were pleased to bump into the owners and hear a bit about their B&B and how long they’ve owned it etc. The location and the house are charming so I expect they are a popular place to stay. Nearby you have a number of restaurants run by celebrity chefs such as Nathan Outlaw which I understand guests head for and who can blame them? If you are heading to Cornwall, this place is a little gem.

Staying at Trewornan Manor

When we’d done the house and garden we beetled off to Rock for a bit of beach time. There are always wellies, a kite and a football in the car so fully equipped we hit the beach for a gentle stroll in the sun. The Camel Estuary looked glorious today and there was real warmth in the sun. Not too many people about and just a few boats buzzing about including the ferry which takes passengers back and forth to Padstow. You can see why people make a beeline for this area, on a day like today I can’t think of another place I’d rather be! Just beautiful! After a mess about on the beach we were thinking about dinner and wandered up to read the menu at The Rock Inn. We noted it for another day (the lunch prices weren’t too bad and the view across the Camel looked stunning) and jumped back in the car in search of Fish and Chips. We were in luck as in the centre of the village there’s a great takeaway which really was first class. Yet another healthy meal! I think it’s off to the gym for me this week…





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