No such thing as bad weather…


A quick search tells me that it was Alfred Wainwright who said “there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing” – It’s something I’ve always said and thought but never needed to attribute to anyone until now. Today was a classic #Cornish February day. The kind where you look at the rain on the windows at home and are in two minds as to whether to load the car, round up the family and head out. But, its those kind of days that reward you the most. So out we headed! And as will become a common theme, the trip was largely orchestrated by me for purely self indulgent reasons. There’s always a dilemma with the sports I like. You’ve got to be a bit selfish to make them happen. So how do I include my lovely wife Claire and my two children, Tom 7 and Katie 4? I’d be crazy to pass up a day of windsurfing like today. In actual fact for ‘day’ read approximately 30 minutes on the water but still it counts as a days sailing in my eyes. We certainly had a day out.

The tide was at its optimum at about 11am today so as per usual I made it to the beach by early afternoon having selflessly left the best to those carefree people who were at the beach rigged at 9am. The wind was gusting around gale force and the only sail I have is too big for that. Never mind. Hobson’s choice is no choice at all. So out I went with an oversized rig (5.3metres squared for those who lap up the detail). Theres not too much to tell about the windsurfing itself. Because it went well, it exceeded my expectations and because of that I had fun. Serious fun belting up and down amongst the kitesurfers as the only windsurfer out and enjoying the messy onshore waves.

The session was cut short by the strength of the wind which freshened with the arrival of a hefty squall. I decided to call it a day for sailing and headed back to the car to get warm and dry. Of course back in the car my support team had hoovered up their picnic lunch and were raring to go on the beach. Well the kids anyway. Claire was happy in the car doing Sudoku and staying warm and dry. So changed and dry but not yet warm, I got the kids togged up and out on the beach for a serious blast of fresh English Channel air. They liked being out but upon the arrival of the mother of all squalls quickly wanted to be back in the car. So beach playtime was cut short and there was only one thing for it. Pub.

At the Godolphin Arms in Marazion we ordered their most extreme hot chocolates with maximum marshmallows and abundant squirty cream and watched the gale from behind their plate glass wall! And very pleasant it was. If you are looking for a drink or food with a view you’d find it hard to top The Godolphin. The view is outstanding with the whole of Mount’s bay visible from the restaurant. Needless to say Claire was much more into the pub trip than the wintry beach and the kids loved their hug in a mug. So I hopefully redeemed myself enough to be allowed out next time the conditions are on!

Having enjoyed our lovely hot drinks (…and some sandwiches …and chips) we got wrapped up in waterproofs and made the dash back to the car. We’d parked by the slipway which The St. Aubyn Estate (owners of St. Michael’s Mount) use to land their amphibious craft. We loved watching the boatyMcCarthingy being expertly guided in to the beach to collect passengers who judging by their posh leather luggage were heading over to the mount to stay. Once loaded it did an about turn and as swiftly as it had arrived the landing craft pounded out through the waves and away towards the mount. I’m a sucker for big boys toys so of course: here’s the film!



2 thoughts on “No such thing as bad weather…

  1. You’re so lucky to live in Cornwall! We had a week there last June (and I’ve only just got round to posting about the various places we visited!). We went out to St Michael’s Mount, too, but not in such an adventurous (or wet) way as you! We walked across the Causeway – both ways. We met up with fellow blogger, Draliman, while we were in Cornwall. He lives near St Austell…perhaps you already follow him. He mostly writes flash fiction but occasionally posts about Cornwall.
    Nice to meet you, by the way 😀


    1. Nice to meet you too Millie!great to hear you love it down this way. We feel really lucky to live and work here and in my job I get to see loads of interesting places off the beaten track. Will have a look at Draliman- it’s amazing how many people are so passionate about this part of the world. Thanks for taking the time to write, will try to keep the blog interesting and hopefully give you some ideas for next time you’re down this way!


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